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“Sleeping Dogs stands apart as a story rooted in science, ethics, and morals. It illuminates the intricate relationship between scientific discovery and the ethical dilemmas it can pose when knowledge is harnessed for purposes beyond its original intent. The protagonist, Prill, exemplifies determination in the face of adversity, making her journey a compelling exploration of personal and moral growth. Prill is a great example to demonstrate the importance of morality in the field of science. And the drive for science oftentimes cannot override the moral sacrifices that come with it.


“With fluid writing and well-crafted character dynamics that thrive within the ambitiously constructed world, “Sleeping Dogs” proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable read for me. This book seamlessly blends its thought-provoking themes with a gripping narrative, offering a timely and poignant reflection on the complexities of our relationship with science, ethics, and the environment.”

The Reading Life (

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